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                Dongguan  Suncon Plexiglass Product  Co., LTD Home | China | Favorites | Contact Us
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                Contact Us
                Contact Person:
                Tan 13922515414
                Sunny 13825725668
                Tel :0769-22888002 / 22888003
                Fax :0769 -22980866
                Address:No.36 Chenwu Section,S256 Provincial Highway Houjie Town Dongguan

              2. Acrylic Household Products
              3. Acrylic Photo Frame
              4. Acrylic Security Door
              5. + Acrylic Display
              6.      Acrylic Display stand
              7.      Acrylic signs
              8. Acrylic Artware
              9. Acrylic Box
              10. Acrylic Trophy
              11. Acrylic Advertising Light Boxes
              12. Acrylic Stationery&Gifts
              13. acrylic wedding cake stand
              14. acrylic furniture
              15. Acrylic hanger
              16. Acrylic trousers rack
              17. SUNCON (HK) ACRYLIC PRODUCT.,LTD. is a manufacturer specializing in plexiglass (acrylic) product design.Founded in 2006 and has many years of practical experience in production, the factory now has more than U.S. imports of large-scale CNC high-speed CNC machining center diamond mirror polishing machine, supporting Taiwan origin of large-scale CNC panel saws, engraving machine,the flame burned machine, sandblasting machine, demolition bending machines, screen printing production lines and advanced organic glass deep processing equipment, to ensure the production of highly efficient and stable.

                Our production equipment, strong funds, advanced technology, has a team of experienced professional and technical personnel in the deep processing of products, has a perfect management system, the implementation of modern production and management. Skilled grasp the process of mass production of export products, in the deep processing of acrylic, mold, shape, sand blasting, fuel injection, engraving, screen printing, hot bending, seamless bonding processing technology has its own unique method, can be very A good control production costs and guarantee products of high quality, products are mainly exported to Europe, America and Japan market.

                The factory always adhere to the "people-oriented, integrity-based, scientific and technological innovation" business philosophy to provide customers with the perfect product, the attentive service! Welcome customers to the decision, to plan, sample production.